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What My Clients Have to Say

The Experiences of Some of My Clients in Their Own Words

From those who are struggling to get promoted to those who feel stuck in their job without a clear direction of what they’re meant to do, these are clients who decided to take action and work with us. We hope you not only find your own story reflected in the words below but also find hope. You can find your calling and achieve your dream career. Their stories prove it.

"The assessments and coaching helped to reveal my strengths so I can now shine confidently!"

Christine R, Hackensack, NJ

“I was at a place in life where I was feeling stuck at work and was at a dead-end in my career. I felt I had no choice, especially since I barely had any time. By working with Christine, I was able to get clarity on what I want from life and realized I wanted to start my own business and do what I love. In three short months, to my surprise I was able to focus and prioritize, and ended up accomplishing significantly to setup my business. At the same time, I was able to draw boundaries with my boss and manage my toxic workplace. Christine helped me set my sights on higher goals and focus my attention and energy on the most impactful steps.

Furthermore, through the assessments and coaching, I began to recognize when I was feeling victimized and was able to shift my energy and emotions to a place of hope and productivity. Now I am more assertive and feel empowered with the perspective that I can create my own path in life rather than having life happen to me. The assessments and coaching helped to reveal my strengths so I can now shine confidently! The best part of coaching was seeing my growth accelerate! I could not have done this without Christine’s coaching and guidance.”

"we know our natural capabilities so much better than before"

Richard P & Sarah P, New York, NY

“We decided to take the Highlands Ability Battery because we were at a crossroads in our career. We have been brainstorming what our next career or business venture would be but coming up with a decision has been a challenge. The results from the HAB opened up our perspectives on our natural abilities and learning channels were and how they would fit with the kind of work we would pursue next. After reviewing the results with Christine, we finally have the opportunity to find something we feel good about pursuing because we know our natural capabilities so much better than before. “

"new paradigm-shifting breakthroughs."

Grace Y, Chicago, IL

“I cannot express how deeply transformative it has been working with Christine as she provided the support I desperately needed in breaking through unhealthy frameworks and habits I found myself cycling through in my career. Christine’s coaching approach and style helped surface significant issues that directly tied to all areas of my life (i.e. self-identity, family dynamics, romantic relationships, finances), which impacted the perception of my self-worth in achieving my career goals and professional pursuits. I found each session resonant and powerful, thanks to Christine’s incisive questions, observant reflections, and the incredible array of tools and resources she provided. The exercises she walked me through during each session produced new paradigm-shifting breakthroughs, moving me towards more self-compassion and positive behavior change. The hurdles we faced together seemed less scary, knowing that I had an encouraging and well-equipped advocate supporting me in my journey. Christine’s ability to help people navigate obstacles and pursuits while building their confidence and motivation is truly a gift unto others. It’s not only worth investing in, but profoundly necessary in one’s path for personal or professional growth and development.”

"One of the best investments I've made for myself."

Carmen S, Washington, DC

“Christine has been a wonderful coach and I recommend her highly. Since I did not have to apply for a job for the past 21 years, it was quite daunting to update my resume and cover letter, let alone search in a completely different field. Christine provided incredibly helpful guidance and strategies to job hunting and career change, that transformed my perspective on the process. I can now even share some of those strategies with my daughters! I also learned a great deal about myself and was able to narrow my focus to identify an ideal job for me. Best of all, she’s helped me to gain confidence to accomplish my goals. I have a better plan of what I need to do now and I am so grateful to have worked with Christine. I know that this was one of the best investments I’ve made for myself.”

"significantly accelerated the changes"

Christine C, Los Angeles, CA

“Working with Christine significantly accelerated the changes I wanted to see in my career beyond what I could imagine. I had been in my current field for a long time and was itching to try something new, but I didn’t know where to begin or how to focus my search. I talked myself out of moving forward countless times with varied excuses. Christine helped me to confront my self-limiting thoughts and we devised clear action steps to explore my interests in depth. With every completed step, my dream career began to crystallize and it was so invigorating to see that I could achieve it. The accountability I received through coaching was crucial to my progress and I can’t wait to make bigger strides in the near future. Don’t stay stay stuck in the land of imagination–work with Christine and learn how to realize your dream!”

"the shifts were so powerful"

April Y, San Francisco, CA

“Christine gave me encouragement, hope, and guidance after a traumatic time in my life when I was uprooted from everything as I knew it. She kept our sessions focused and respected my time and priorities. She knew exactly the right questions to ask me to help me dig deeper and provided very relevant, tangible advice to help me shift my perspective to a more positive and beneficial frame when I was only able to see things in a way that was not helping me move forward.

“Sometimes the shifts were so powerful and happened so quickly it surprised me–in a very good way. For every aspect of my life that we worked on, I feel I received positive results working through all of them with Christine. I highly recommend her skills and talents!”

"such a game changer"

Ama A, New York, NY

“Working with Christine this summer was such a game changer – I went in as a skeptic knowing that I needed help and was truly transformed due to her dedication, knowledge, objectiveness, wisdom and encouraging spirit. She is very passionate about what she does, and is a great listener and speaker. She was a cheerleader when I needed one, challenged me as a teacher/instructor does and always made sure that I stayed on track. I truly believe that this is what she is called to do, and I hope that I will find my calling in this way as it is deeply inspiring and such a beautiful blessing and gift.”

"refine my goals, gain focus, and plan actionable steps"

Esther S, Los Angeles, CA

“I really enjoyed working with Christine Oh on rebuilding an area of my life that needed upkeep after a bout with depression. Christine helped me refine my goals, gain focus and plan actionable steps. Being able to discuss my concerns and receive her feedback was incredibly helpful—Believe me: a much more efficient way to get that part of my life back in order! Christine combined a sense of care with a vigilant ethic over my progress. In the end, I was able to maintain and grow upon the habits that we developed together. I highly recommend her.”

"create realistic game plans"

Lauren E, Long Island, NY

“Christine is an amazing coach. She is extremely caring and helped me create realistic game plans for each goal I wanted to accomplish while working together. When I got stuck, Christine made sure to help me to see why and find ways to get back on track. By doing so she helped me realize what was really stopping me for achieving my goals.”

"guided my anxiety into a place of understanding and ease"

Sabrina J, Granada Hills, CA

“Looking for a new job can be stressful and frustrating when one doesn’t hear back after sending out so many resumes. Even though I THINK I’m doing the right things, I may not be doing ALL the right things and with the effectiveness I’d like in return. Christine really helped me narrow down some of my job searching tactics, and how I can delve into what I could be doing more. Most importantly, she guided my anxiety into a place of understanding and ease when it came to tactics that I know are best for me but not sure how to start. I feel like that is what was most valuable, since some of my nerves kept me from moving forward. Christine asked the right questions on what I can do to get to where I want to be and was very easy to talk to and relatable. I would recommend her to anyone who feels stuck about reaching a goal in life.”

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