Personal Life Vision: A Holistic Approach to Identifying Your Dream Career

Are you happy with your career? What about with your life?

Some people go through life as if they have no control over what happens to them. They take whatever job that comes along and stay there, and stay even when it no longer serves their best interests. Others take a more thoughtful approach to their life. They focus on discovering what is right for them, and not merely on the opportunities that are available. These people analyze their natural abilities, preferences, values, and lifestyle to identify the type of work that best suits them before exploring what is available on the market. 

Even if you’re happy with your job at this point in your life, we all go through major turning points in our lives. When that happens, your Personal Life Vision will give you more clarity about which choice is best for you as you go through major transitions.

To create your own Personal Life Vision, I’d like to introduce you to a holistic methodology called the “Whole Person Method” from the Highlands Company. 

In order for you to have a comprehensive picture of your Personal Life Vision, there are several components to explore. It must include every significant aspect of who you are and what gives you meaning. To be effective, it must take the whole picture of you into account, not just a few aspects of your life. There are eight factors that need to be considered: 

  1. Your natural talents and abilities
  2. Your personal style
  3. Your family of origin
  4. Your values
  5. Your skills and life experiences
  6. Your interests and passions
  7. Your goals
  8. Your stage of development

Once you’ve explored these areas, the next step is to integrate what you’ve learned to create your Personal Life Vision. In the next several blog posts, I will discuss these eight factors in depth so that you can create your own Personal Life Vision.

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, a year from now, feeling excited about the day ahead because you are living your dream life. Can you get there from where you are now? The answer is YES!!! Stay tuned for the next several blogs so you can learn how to work on each component.

If you want to get started sooner, feel free to schedule a free discovery consult to speak with me directly.

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