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CoreClarity Personal Discovery Workshop and Team Dynamics Workshop

Learning the language of talents expands your worldview and reframes how you interact with others. When you and your teammates are encouraged to contribute in a way that leverages everyone’s talents, the result is unprecedented improvement in communication, cooperation and collaboration. Don Clifton, creator of the CliftonStrengths® assessment, recognized that “successful organizations don’t just accommodate differences in their people, they capitalize on them.” CoreClarity is committed to 
helping individuals leverage their talents so that teams can capitalize on their collective gifts.

The Personal Discovery Workshop is the first phase of the In-Powering People and Teams Program. This four-hour session workshop helps participants identify, understand and appreciate their individual talents. In the Team Dynamics Workshop, participants will actively engage with their assessment results to discover more about their talents and how to build their lives around them. The Personal Discovery Workshop can be offered as a stand-alone session, but for intact teams it’s highly recommended that the Team Dynamics Workshop be included for maximum impact. Click here to learn more.

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