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Thank you for your interest in getting in touch and for taking the first step toward achieving your dream job. As a certified coach who learned it the hard way earlier in my career, I know it’s not easy. Don’t lose hope – I’m here to help. To get in touch, simply submit your message below and I’ll reply within 24 hours.

300 Main Street
Suite 21 PMB648
Madison, NJ 07940

I believe work can and should be more than a nine to five routine, drudgery, and a paycheck, don’t you agree?

"the shifts were so powerful"

April Y, San Francisco, CA

“Christine gave me encouragement, hope, and guidance after a traumatic time in my life when I was uprooted from everything as I knew it. She kept our sessions focused and respected my time and priorities. She knew exactly the right questions to ask me to help me dig deeper and provided very relevant, tangible advice to help me shift my perspective to a more positive and beneficial frame when I was only able to see things in a way that was not helping me move forward. Sometimes the shifts were so powerful and happened so quickly it surprised me–in a very good way. For every aspect of my life that we worked on, I feel I received positive results working through all of them with Christine. I highly recommend her skills and talents!”

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